Intangible Ideas

April 2014
by Jeanette Karen

Set out to write up a few bits for uni & ended up writing a blog post instead. It’s about breakfast with a hint of nostalgia, hence why I’m instagraming a picture of my awesome collection of egg cups.

Oh & you can read my waffle* here: 

*Terrible pun alert…


Javier José Serrano

Research & whatnot #photography #davidbaily #art (at National Portrait Gallery)

Arrived home to find a lovely little parcel waiting. ‘Nostalgia’ by @emily_le0


Friday, March the 28th, 2014
Degree Show: Re-constellation of Studio

A few weeks ago I re-arranged my studio to read the correlations between the microscopic and telescopic images I have ‘discovered’, and for them to relate to the objects and prints I have collected/created during the last year or so of my degree. This resulted in a dialogue within the image/object relationship, not dissimilar to the Wunderkammern of 19th century Europe, where science and art came together to represent nature and culture as one.


Alexander McQueen (Savage Beauty exhibit)

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FREE STUFF! That’s my day made. Oh and the whole Phase Pro training is pretty cool too… # photography #phaseone #goodies #easilyamused


Feb 2014

by Jeanette Karen

Hazy early spring days. They may not cure headaches but the are a beautiful distraction #spring #hazy

My life at the moment seems to be chaos with the odd break for tea & scones…

Quite afternoon on the coast watching the world go by #relaxing (at The Rocket House Cafe, Cromer)


“The Old and Dusty World” is a Renaissance-inspired photography series from The Netherlands’ very own Mariska Karto

One day I might get through a project without throwing in some dead flowers. However, today is not that day. #photography #d&adnewblood2014


Kamila Nora Netíková